About Us

Yurdakul Machinery was established by Sezai YURDAKUL in 1953 and had continued services and activities in its factory, Eyüp-İSTANBUL till 2008. In 2008, the company moved to its new facility, with 11000 m² of open and 3600 m² of indoor space in Çatalca and keeps on servicing our valued customers with 5 engineers and a total of 40 employees.

Yurdakul has been in the leading position in different sectors since the day it was founded; in the fields of machining and steel construction; meets the needs of machinery and equipments in the direction of high quality-reasonable price policy.

With more than 70 years of experience in high-tech manufacturing, we offer engineering solutions using modern manufacturing and quality control techniques. Yurdakul Makina manufactures complex stainless steel machines and equipments in world standards for Iron and Steel, Acrylic Fiber, Carbon Fiber, Energy, Glass, Cement, Chemical and Food industries.

Meeting the expectations and needs of its customers; at the same time, to contribute to the development of the Turkish industry.

We aim to strengthen our position among the leading companies in sector by supporting new investments with high technological equipments in the awareness of the high vitality that AR-GE activities and technology follow-up will gain in the sector.